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CryptFolio® is a powerful web-based platform for managing and tracking cryptocurrency portfolios. We have helped tens of thousands of our users safely and securely manage their portfolios and learn more about cryptocurrencies since we launched our platform in mid-2013.

Our platform and apps are developed, maintained and supported exclusively by CryptFolio Limited, an incorporated NZ Limited Company, with our head office in beautiful (and windy) Wellington, New Zealand.

Our company vision is of a financial world that is open, decentralised, secure and accessible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide platforms for people, businesses and governments to safely understand, manage and make informed decisions on finance.

  • Enable personal & market resiliency
  • A platform to learn
  • A track record of safety and trust
  • Encourage self-responsibility and self-determination
  • Continually grow and empower

Our Values

Openness: We strive to run our company openly and ethically, and are committed to a culture of teamwork and collaboration.

Integrity & Responsibility: We will be clear when obtaining your data, what your data will be used for, and we will work hard to keep it safe and secure.

Adaptivity: We strive to continually adapt our tools and services to the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrencies.

Diversity: We celebrate diverse cultures, communities, technologies and ideas to improve our resiliency and that of cryptocurrencies.

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